Urban Schools Committee

Chair: Chris Castro Assistant Principal, Nimitz MS, San Antonio


  • To create a forum for urban principals
  • To provide input regarding Association services to urban principals in the state
  • To provide input to staff for workshops/conferences and publications
  • To facilitate sessions at workshops/conferences
  • To promote membership among secondary school urban principals
  • To encourage membership to present sessions at workshops and submit articles for publication in the News Highlights and the Texas Study

Committee Membership

  • Ten members with Chair (Chair also serves on the Instructional Leadership Committee)
  • Chair is to be representative of both middle and high school


  • Recommend projects for involvement of urban school personnel in workshops and conferences
  • Identify problems and possible solutions unique to the administration, supervision and curriculum/ instructional strategies of urban schools
  • Identify problems and solutions pertaining to school violence
  • Assist principals in exploring methods of restructuring schools and promote concepts in Turning Points and Breaking Ranks

Meeting Dates

  • This Committee will meet during the TASSP Summer Workshop. 
No funds are budgeted for committee meetings held during the TASSP Summer Workshop, Assistant Principal Workshop and the Fall Summit. The President will authorize in writing with a copy sent to the Executive Director any committee to meet other than at the above times.