Technology and Innovation Committee

Chair: Alex Croft Assistant Principal, Alma Martinez Intermediate


  • To identify needs and support ongoing improvements in computer/network services
  • To recommend sessions/programs for workshops that focus on member use of technology
  • To encourage members to present at workshops and submit articles for publication

Committee Membership

  • Ten members with Chair (Chair is to be representative of both middle and high school)


  • Identify administrative applications
  • Promote training opportunities for principals and assistant principals
  • Identify curriculum and instructional applications
  • Advise staff of possible speakers and presentation topics for conferences
  • Encourage members to submit articles on technology for the newsletter and Texas Study
  • Provide awareness of available software to assist principals
  • Advise on most feasible hardware for educational applications
  • Encourage electronic membership networking
  • Make recommendations as to the committee structure/issues access
  • Recommend links to educational resources

Meeting Dates

  • This Committee meets during the TASSP Summer Workshop. 
No funds are budgeted for committee meetings held during the TASSP Summer Workshop, Assistant Principal Workshop and the Fall Summit. The President will authorize in writing with a copy sent to the Executive Director any committee to meet other than at the above times.