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Region Meeting Winners!

Congratulations to these two winners of the drawing for 2018-19 TASSP membership dues and for registration for the TASSP 2018 Summer Workshop. These are the two winners attended their fall region meeting, are current TASSP ACTIVE members, and submitted their business card at their region meeting.

Charlie Falcon – Free 2018-19 TASSP ACTIVE membership dues
Principal, Andrews Education Center, Andrews ISD in Region 18

Ricky G. Nicholson, Jr. – Free Registration for the TASSP 2018 Summer Workshop
Principal, La Marque High School/Texas City ISD in Region 4

Attend your region meeting to be eligible for drawings! You must:

• Be a current ACTIVE member of TASSP;
• Attend your spring region meeting; and
• Submit a business card to President Dr. Herb Cox before leaving the region meeting.

There will be from 3 – 5 winners in this drawing!
Yes…it could be YOU!

We hope you have a great school year!