2022-2023 TASSP Region Principals and Assistant Principal of the Year

Congratulations to the following for being selected by their colleagues in their respective regions
as the 
2022-2023 Region Principals and Assistant Principals of the Year:

Region 1 • Rosana M. Arizola, Principal, United MS, United ISD
Region 1 • Robert Burrier, Assistant Principal, United South, United ISD
Region 1 • Jaime Serna, Assistant Principal, Longoria MS, Edinburg Consolidated ISD

Region 2 • Scott Walker, Principal, Vereran's Memorial HS, Corpus Christ ISD
Region 2 • Werner Hartman, Principal, Kaffie MS, Corpus Christi ISD
Region 2 • Jenifer Guerra, Assistant Principal, Roy H. Miller HS, Corpus Christi ISD

Region 3 • Kim Fleener, Principal, Cuero HS, Cuero ISD
Region 3 • Jill Lau, Principal, Cade MS, Victoria ISD
Region 3 • Jerry Crowell, Assistant Principal, Bay City HS, Bay City ISD
Region 3 • Samantha Wortham, Assistant Principal, El Campo MS, El Campo ISD

Region 4 • Rita Graves, Principal, Lamar HS, Houston ISD
Region 4 • Matthew Day, Assistant Principal, Cobb 6th Grade Campus, Galena Park ISD

Region 5 • Patrick Brown, Principal, Hardin Jefferson HS, Hardin-Jefferson ISD
Region 5 • Lauren Sanders, Assistant Principal, Boerne HS, Boerne ISD
Region 5 • Michael Hatton, Principal, Kountze MS, Kountze ISD
Region 5 • Terri Smith, Assistant Principal, West Hardin Jr HS, West Hardin ISD

Region 6 • Dr. Rotasha Smith, Principal, Conroe HS, Conroe ISD
Region 6 • Jamie Hofford, Assistant Principal, Sealy HS, Sealy ISD
Region 6 • Stefanie Estrada, Assistant Principal, Navasota Jr. HS

Region 7 • Jeff Hutchins, Principal, Van HS, Van ISD
Region 7 • Shannon Dickerson, Principal, Henderson MS, Henderson ISD
Region 7 • Claire Bray, Assistant Principal, Nacogdoches HS, Nacogdoches ISD
Region 7 • Elyse Peterson, Assistant Principal, Ore City MS, Ore City ISD

Region 8 • Nancy Rinehart, Principal, Atlanta HS, Atlanta ISD
Region 8 • Colby Boyce, Principal, Atlanta MS, Atlanta ISD
Region 8 • Shaun George, Assistant Principal, Redwater HS, Redwater ISD
Region 8 • Carolyn Oliver, Assistant Principal, Liberty-Eylau MS, Liberty-Eylau ISD

Region 9 • Clifton McFadden, Principal, Iowa Park HS, Iowa Park ISD
Region 9 • Kelly Carver, Principal, Holliday MS, Holliday ISD
Region 9 • Sam Reed, Assistant Principal, Iowa Park HS, Iowa Park ISD
Region 9 • Francie Stanford, Assistant Principal, W.F. George MS, Iowa Park ISD

Region 10 • Dr. Jeff Roberts, Principal, Kaufman HS, Kaufman ISD
Region 10 • Dr. Amber Epperson, Principal, Cockrill MS, McKinney ISD
Region 10 • Jerry Lozier, Assistant Principal, Global ECHS, Waxahachie ISD
Region 10 • Dean Johnson, Principal, Farmersville Jr. HS, Farmersville ISD

Region 11 • Lisa Simmons, Principal, Keller HS, Keller ISD
Region 11 • Kimberly Buck, Principal, Venus MS, Venus ISD
Region 11 • Michael Vargas, Assistant Principal, Boswell HS, Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD
Region 11 • Jana Clark, Assistant Principal, Harwood JH, Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD

Region 12 • Dr. Valerie Willis, Principal, Horizons/DAEP, Midway ISD
Region 12 • Dr. Tiffany Weiss, Principal, Travis Science Acad, Temple ISD
Region 12 • Timothy Goodridge, Principal, Belton MS, Belton ISD

Region 13 • Zachary Kleypas, Principal, Pflugerville HS, Pflugerville ISD
Region 13 • Lacey Ajibola, Principal, Dessau MS, Pflugerville ISD
Region 13 • Ryan Wilkes, Principal, Wimberly HS, Wimberley ISD
Region 13 • Brian Barnes, Assistant Principal, Henry MS, Leander ISD

Region 14 • Lyndsey Williamson, Principal, Cooper HS, Abilene ISD
Region 14 • Christopher Bailey, Principal, Clack MS, Abilene ISD
Region 14 • Randy Willis, Assistant Principal, Cooper HS, Abilene ISD
Region 14 • Justin Rosenquist, Assistant Principal, Clack MS, Abilene ISD

Region 15 • Judith Ozuna, Principal, Early HS, Early ISD
Region 15 • Matt Fore, Assistant Principal, Grape Creek HS, Grape Creek ISD
Region 15 • Katherine Wilkins, Assistant Principal, Early MS, Early ISD

Region 16 • Matt Ammerman, Principal, Borger HS, Borger ISD
Region 16 • Rachel Freeman, Principal, River Road MS, River Road ISD
Region 16 • Michelle Jensen, Assistant Principal, Pampa HS, Pampa ISD
Region 16 • La Vaila Williams, Assistant Principal, Blakemore MS, Boys Ranch ISD

Region 17 • Doug Young, Principal, Lubbock HS, Lubbock ISD
Region 17 • Chris Huber, Principal, Coronado HS, Lubbock ISD
Region 17 • Rudy Reyes, Associate Principal, Estacado HS, Lubbock ISD
Region 17 • Tommy Duncan, Principal, Irons MS, Lubbock ISD

Region 18 • Shannon Torres, Principal, Legacy HS, Midland ISD
Region 18 • Jennifer Ruiz, Principal, Stanton MS, Stanton ISD
Region 18 • Hector Limon, Assistant Principal, Odesa HS, Ector County ISD
Region 18 • Juan Carrion, Assistant Principal, Andrews MS, Andrews ISD

Region 19 • Patricia Cuevas, Director: Community Education, Socorro ISD
Region 19 • Joanne Anguiano, Principal, Hambric MS, Socorro ISD
Region 19 • Dr. Theresa Hentges, Assistant Principal, Clint HS, Clint ISD
Region 19 • Ruth Taylor, Assistant Principal, Hambric MS, Socorro ISD

Region 20 • Randall Harris, Principal, Uvalde HS, Uvalde ISD
Region 20 • Cynthia Rubio, Principal, Krueger MS, North East ISD
Region 20 • Travis Weissler, Associate Principal, Brandeis HS, Northside ISD
Region 20 • Shana Greco, Assistant Principal, Harris MS, North East ISD


2022-2023 TASSP STATE Principals and Assistant Principal of the Year

Congratulations to the TASSP Principals and Assistant Principal of the Year. The TASSP Principal Image Committee conducted interviews with each candidate, and selected the individuals listed below for these prestigious awards.

TASSP High School Principal of the Year: 
TASSP Middle School Principal of the Year: 
TASSP Assistant Principal of the Year: 

TBA is the Texas Nominee for the NASSP Principal of the Year Award

Congratulations to the Finalists: