2020-2021 TASSP Principals and Assistant Principal of the Year


Shon Joseph, Principal, DeSoto High School in DeSoto ISD
Shannon Cunningham, Principal, Kirby Middle School in Wichita Falls ISD
Dr. Amber Grady, Assistant Principal, Lake Olympia MS,
Missouri City in Fort Bend ISD


Starla Sanders, Principal, Jacksboro High School, in Jacksboro ISD
Angelica Wilbanks, Principal, Estacado High School in Lubbock ISD
Christina Rather, Principal, Briscoe Middle School, San Antonio in Northside ISD
Dr. Angela Reyna, Principal, Parkland Pre-Engineering MS, El Paso, Ysleta ISD
Dr. Clint Glaesmann, Assistant Principal, Midway Middle School in Midway ISD
Bronwyn Sullenberger, Assistant Principal, Hillwood Middle School, Fort Worth in Keller ISD

Congratulations to the following for being selected by their colleagues in their respective regions
as the 
2020-2021 Region Principals and Assistant Principals of the Year:

Region 1 • Ysenia Trevino Molina, HS Principal, Edinburg High School, Edinburg Cons. ISD
Region 1 • Arely Rios Tamez, MS Principal, Vernon MS World Languages Academy, Harlingen Cons. ISD
Region 1 • Laura Denise Collins, HS Ass’t. Principal, United South High School, United ISD
Region 1 • Dariel E. Ramirez, MS Ass’t. Principal, George Washington Middle School, United ISD
Region 2 • Gildardo Salazar, Jr., HS Principal, Orange Grove High School, Orange Grove ISD
Region 2 • Ashley Lowe, MS Principal, George West Jr. High School, George West ISD
Region 3 • Paul Fleener, HS Principal, Victoria West HS, Victoria ISD
Region 3 • Gregory D. Murrile (Morrelli), MS Principal, Shiner Elementary, Shiner ISD
Region 3 • Candance Floyd, HS Ass’t. Principal, Edna High School, Edna ISD
Region 3 • Reymundo Gomez, MS Ass’t. Principal, Stroman Middle School, Victoria ISD
Region 4 • Dr. Joseph Farnsworth, HS Principal, Trinity University, Coll. Of Edu., N/A ISD
Region 4 • Dr. Amber Grady, HS Ass’t. Principal, Lake Olympia MS, Fort Bend ISD
Region 5 • Tim Woolley, HS Principal, Bridge City High School, Bridge City ISD
Region 5 • Nicholas Phillips, MS Principal, West Brook Sr. High School, Beaumont ISD
Region 5 • Tyree Saunders, HS Ass’t. Principal, Hardin-Jefferson High School, Harden-Jefferson ISD
Region 5 • Heidi Strandberg, MS Ass’t. Principal, Mauriceville Middle School, Little Cypress-Mauriceville Cons. ISD
Region 6 • Kristi M. Ramsey, HS Principal, Navasota High School, Navasota ISD
Region 6 • Ke-Ke Johnson, HS Ass’t. Principal, A&M Consolidated High School, College Station ISD
Region 7 • Nathan Heflin, HS Principal, Ore City High School, Ore City ISD
Region 7 • Rachel Evers, MS Principal, Union Grove Jr. High / High School, Union Grove ISD
Region 7 • Cody Taylor, HS Ass’t. Principal, Eustace High School, Eustace ISD
Region 7 • Sara Beth Cantrell, MS Ass’t. Principal, Sabine Middle School, Sabine ISD
Region 8 • Carla Dupree, HS Principal, Texas High School, Texarkana ISD
Region 8 • Kristi Callihan, MS Principal, Paris Junior High School, Paris ISD
Region 8 • Ramon Hernandez, HS Ass’t. Principal, Longview High School, Longview ISD
Region 8 • Misty Williams, MS Ass’t. Principal, Atlanta Middle School, Atlanta ISD
Region 9 • Starla Sanders, HS Principal, Jacksboro High School, Jacksboro ISD
Region 9 • Shannon Cunningham, MS Principal, Kirby Middle School, Wichita Falls ISD
Region 9 • TiAda Radtke, MS Assoc. Principal, S.H. Rider High School, Wichita Falls ISD
Region 10 • Shon Joseph, HS Principal, DeSoto High School, DeSoto ISD
Region 10 • Gregory Pierce, MS Principal, S and S Consolidated Middle School, S and S Cons. ISD
Region 10 • Kristina Pospick, HS Ass’t. Principal, Lebanon Trail High School, Frisco ISD
Region 10 • Theresa D. Taylor, MS Ass’t. Principal, Allen ISD, Allen ISD
Region 11 • Michelle S. Pieniazek, HS Principal, Krum High School, Krum ISD
Region 11 • David Coker, MS Principal, Highland Middle School, Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD
Region 11 • Wat Harden, HS Ass’t. Principal, Chisholm Trail High School, Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD
Region 11 • Bronwyn Sullenberger, MS Ass’t. Principal, Hillwood Middle School, Keller ISD
Region 12 • Dr. Clint Glaesmann, MS Ass’t. Principal, Midway Middle School, Midway ISD
Region 13 • Paul Johnson, HS Principal, Vista Ridge High School, Leander ISD
Region 13 • Travis Motal, MS Principal, Liberty Hill Junior High School, Liberty Hill ISD
Region 13 • Barbara Ixba, HS Ass’t. Principal, Vista Ridge High School, Leander ISD
Region 13 • Ebony J. Parks, MS Ass’t. Principal, Leander Middle School, Leander ISD
Region 14 • Lyndsey Williamson, HS Principal, Cooper High School, Abilene ISD
Region 14 • Josh Newton, MS Principal, Madison Middle School, Abilene ISD
Region 14 • Richard Cumby, HS Ass’t. Principal, Wylie High School, Wylie ISD
Region 14 • Zachary Sneed, MS Ass’t. Principal, Craig Middle School, Abilene ISD
Region 15 • Shannon RaNae Chapman, HS Principal, Irion County High School, Irion County ISD
Region 15 • Richard Sweaney, MS Principal, Brady ISD, Brady ISD
Region 16 • Carl Clements, HS Principal, Dumas High School, Dumas ISD
Region 16 • Lexy Glass, MS Principal, Gruver Junior High School, Gruver ISD
Region 16 • Dennis Doughty, HS Ass’t. Principal, Pampa High School, Pampa ISD
Region 16 • Stanley Williams, MS Ass’t. Principal, North Plains Opportunity Center, Dumas ISD
Region 17 • Angelica Wilbanks, HS Principal, Estacado High School, Lubbock ISD
Region 17 • Chelseay Campbell, MS Principal, Heritage Middle School, Frenship ISD
Region 17 • Tim Carter, HS Ass’t. Principal, Ropes High School, Ropes ISD
Region 17 • Stacy Franklin, MS Ass’t. Principal, Roosevelt Junior High School, Roosevelt ISD
Region 18 • Mauricio Marquez, HS Principal, Odessa High School, Ector County ISD
Region 18 • Kittie Gibson, MS Principal, Wink Junior High/High School, Wink ISD
Region 18 • Jared Andrews, HS Ass’t. Principal, Midland High School, Midland ISD
Region 18 • Mendy Caviness, MS Ass’t. Principal, Abell Junior High School, Midland ISD
Region 19 • Mark Paz, HS Principal, El Paso High School, El Paso ISD
Region 19 • Dr. Angela Reyna, MS Principal, Parkland Pre-Engineering MS, Ysleta ISD
Region 19 • Daniel Delgado, HS Ass’t. Principal, Socorro High School, Socorro ISD
Region 19 • Rodolfo Macias, Jr., MS Ass’t. Principal, East Montana Middle School, Clint ISD
Region 20 • Todd Bloomer, HS Principal, Churchill High School, North East ISD
Region 20 • Christina Rather, MS Principal, Briscoe Middle School, Northside ISD
Region 20 • Chris Castro, MS Ass’t. Principal, Nimitz/STEM Middle School, North East ISD