Legislative Committee

Chair: Fred Black, Principal, George Ranch High School, Richmond


  • To listen to member concerns in the region
  • To create a draft state-wide policy program for the approval of the TASSP Board of Directors
  • To communicate with legislative contacts and testify before committees as a resource as requested by the chairperson
  • To respond to TASSP requests with statements, evidence and/or data to support the Association’s state-wide policy program

Committee Membership

  • 20 members with Chair


  • Serve as legislative liaisons to general membership in TASSP regions
  • Participate in the development of the TASSP state-wide policy program
  • Monitor legislative session
  • Participate in the promotion of the state-wide policy program

Meeting Dates

  • This Committee hosts the Legislative Update Session at the TASSP Summer Workshop following the legislative session.

No funds are budgeted for committee meetings held during the TASSP Summer Workshop, Assistant Principal Workshop and the Fall Summit. The President will authorize in writing with a copy sent to the Executive Director any committee to meet other than at the above time.

 Committee Members:

Title Region First Last Email
Chair 4 Fred Black [email protected]
Vice Chr 6 Dr. Terri  Benson [email protected]
ML 1 Raymundo Monrreal [email protected]
ML 2 Cindy Flores [email protected]
HS 3 Sandra Fellers [email protected]
ML 5 Jason Yeaman [email protected]
HS 7 Brandon Jones [email protected]
HS 9 Clifton McFadden [email protected]
HS 10 Dr. Mitch Curry [email protected]
HS 11 Chandra Turrentine [email protected]
HS 12 Alison Smith [email protected]
ML 13 Dr. David Ellis [email protected]
HS 14 Mark Merrell [email protected]
ML 15 Shona Moore [email protected]
ML 17 Damon McCall [email protected]