Instructional Leadership Committee

Chair: Nika Davis Principal, Boswell High School, Fort Worth


  • To identify needs and provide input to staff for planning workshops/conferences and publications
  • To facilitate sessions at workshops/conferences
  • To encourage members to present sessions at workshops and submit articles for publication
  • To promote membership

Committee Membership

  • 26 members (10 middle level and 10 high school principals and the Chairs from the Assistant Principals, Small Schools and Urban Schools Committees)


Provide leadership for academic excellence in secondary education in Texas through a variety of strategies such as: 

  • Review of the current research findings on curriculum, instruction and supervision at the secondary level
  • Development of TASSP research efforts in cooperation with universities and other entities in the state to reliably define current/future needs and successful practice
  • Identification of possible trends for future change/adaptation to more fully meet student needs in middle and high school
  • Compilations of research findings and best practice in secondary education in publications
  • Explore membership potential for secondary curriculum and instruction roles and develop strategies for reaching out to that target group
  • Develop/solicit sessions for conferences/workshops and publications that inform members of future trends and opportunities in secondary education
  • Coordinate efforts with the Office of Statewide Initiatives, Regional Education Service Centers, etc. through TASSP staff
  • Assist principals in exploring methods of restructuring schools and promote concepts in Turning Points and Breaking Ranks

Meeting Dates

  • This Committee meets during the Summer Workshop