Finance Committee

Chair: Lee Vi Moses Principal, Rogers HS


  • To review the auditors report
  • To review staff recommendations for the budget
  • To determine the financial commitment necessary to support the budget

Committee Membership

  • Seven members with chair (President-Elect as Chair, Past President, President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, and two regional coordinators)


  • Check and verify adequacy of bookkeeping procedures, internal controls and CPA audit
  • Review the financial condition of the Association
  • Develop an operational budget for the coming year
  • Recommend the budget to the Board of Directors

Meeting Dates

  • This Committee meets in the spring (budget/audit)

No funds are budgeted for committee meetings held during the TASSP Summer Workshop, Assistant Principal Workshop and the Fall Summit. The President will authorize in writing with a copy sent to the Executive Director any committee to meet other than at the above times.

Potential Resources

  • TASSP financial records
  • Audit performed by CPA
  • Proposed budget
  • Previous year’s budget
  • Long-range projections