TASSP Region Principals and Assistant Principals of the Year

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TASSP seeks to recognize exemplary performance among campus level administrators in Texas. The Region Outstanding Principal/Assistant Principal Awards are presented at the Josten’s Night of the Stars Awards Dinner held in conjunction with the TASSP Summer Workshop.

The application form should be completed and forwarded to the appropriate TASSP Region Coordinator. Contact the Region Coordinator for region deadline information. Each region must report its 2018-2019 winners to the TASSP office by June 14, 2018. (These outstanding administrators will be recognized at the 2019 Summer Workshop)
Each region will screen nominations and may select one outstanding administrator from each of the following categories:

  • High school principal 
  • Junior high or middle school principal
  • High school assistant principal
  • Junior high or middle school assistant principal
NOTE: Download the application to your computer, open that copy, complete and save it for your records.
For region recognition, send the completed application to your TASSP Region Coordinator. Find your Coordinator on your TASSP Region page.
If you have received Region POY/APOY and want to apply for state/national recognition, send the completed application to [email protected]
This application will then be forwarded to the Principal Image Committee to determine finalists for the Texas Principals/Assistant Principal of the Year.

TASSP 2016-2017 Outstanding Principals 
and Assistant Principals Selected for State Honors

High School Principal of the Year: Steve Williams, Principal, Randall High School, Region 16
Middle School Principal of the Year: Susan Wright, Principal, Glen Rose Jr. High School, Region 11
Assistant Principal of the Year: Rebecca Odajima, Assistant Principal, Midway High School, Region 12

Each year the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals selects outstanding principals and assistant principals from each of the twenty TASSP regions. Campus administrators are nominated and selected by their peers from within their regions. Nominations are based upon exemplary performance and outstanding leadership in secondary education. The TASSP Principal Image Committee reviews the applications and selects the finalists. Finalists are invited to Austin to interview with members of the Principal Image Committee. Following the interview process, the Texas winners are announced.
TASSP is proud to announce the 2016-2017 Outstanding High School Principal, Outstanding Middle School Principal and the Outstanding Assistant Principal of the Year for the state of Texas. From Randall High School in Canyon ISD, the TASSP High School Principal of the Year is Steve Williams. The TASSP Middle School Principal of the Year is Susan Wright who serves as principal at Glen Rose Junior High School in Glen Rose ISD. The TASSP Assistant Principal of the Year is Rebecca Odajima from Midway High School in Midway ISD. The following descriptions of each of the winners reflect the significant contributions each of them has made to education in their respective roles as campus leaders.

Steve Williams is the Texas Outstanding High School Principal of the Year and represents TASSP Region 16. Mr. Williams earned his Masters degree at West Texas A&M University. With 25-years of experience as an administrator, Mr. Williams has been principal of Randall High School in Canyon ISD for the past 21-years. Darryl Flusche, Canyon ISD Superintendent of Schools, writes, “For two decades, Steve Williams has led an environment that exudes pride in academic and extracurricular accomplishments that carries an ongoing emotional return.” He goes on to say, “Throughout his responsibilities, he always considers what is best for the students at Randall High School.”
John Bass, former Executive Director of Region 16 ESC and a parent of students at Randall High School, writes, “it was indeed my pleasure to work with Mr. Williams as he furthered his professional development by seeking proven instructional methodologies and analyzing educational best practices to ensure the success of his staff and students. He is uncompromising in his efforts to provide a quality education for his students and never loses sight of students and their needs.” He goes on to point out, “He (Mr. Williams) is a strong believer in providing staff development in order to reach mutually established goals and expectations. Mr. Williams has built strong relationships with administrators, teachers, parents and community members.
Tyler Jolley, a graduate of Randall High School class of 2015, writes, “An important thing throughout life whether it is your personal life or your career is the relationships you build with others. Mr. Williams was excellent at connecting with students and making them feel welcomed. He has a very friendly, inviting personality that was visible each day.” Tyler Jolley continues with, “Mr. Williams does everything he can to prepare his students academically, support them in their respective passions, make them feel welcomed, and make school enjoyable as it can by allowing it to be fun when it can be and challenging where it needs to be. Overall, you will not find someone more dedicated and prideful in the school they run than Mr. Williams is at Randall High School.”

Susan Wright is the Texas Outstanding Middle School Principal of the Year and represents TASSP Region 11. Mrs. Wright received her Bachelors of Science from Harding University and her Masters in Educational Administration from Texas A&M Commerce. Mrs. Wright has 16-years of educational experience and was the principal at Glen Rose Jr. High for six years. She currently serves as the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction for Glen Rose ISD. One of her former Math teachers, Kristy Snow, writes, “Mrs. Wright leads our staff to ‘Do right by students.' Her favorite saying has become the focus of Glen Rose Jr. High School.” She continues to state, “Academically, our standards have been raised as she encouraged the teachers, parents, and students to work together to achieve the Blue Ribbon Award.”
The current principal, and former assistant principal under Mrs. Wright, Jason Pounds, states, “Mrs. Wright embodies many characteristics of a leader. Her actions and language always reflect that she is led by a vision for the future. She has high expectations for her staff, but most importantly she has high expectations for herself.” He continues with, “Mrs. Wright’s work ethic pushes everyone around her to meet the same level of effort. She is very easy to respect because she shows respect for everyone she works with, regardless of their position.” He concludes his comments about Mrs. Wright by stating, “She is truly one that makes everyone around her better.”

Becky Odajima is the Texas Outstanding Assistant Principal of the Year and represents TASSP Region 12. Mrs. Odajima serves as the Associate Principal at Midway High School, in the Midway Independent School District. She has seven years in school administration and has currently been at Midway High School for four years. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Stephen F. Austin State University, her Masters of Arts degree from Central Michigan University, and is currently in her doctoral program at Baylor University. In describing Mrs. Odajima’s leadership, her principal, Jeff Gasaway, writes, “She is able to build their trust, develop a strong relationship and build currency with any stakeholder that she can utilize in the future. She is an educational expert and is masterful within the role of curriculum and instruction.” He continues by stating, “I envision that she will have a bright future whether leading her own school or taking on a district level role where she is helping, even more, teachers and administrators be better.”
Pam Watts, a Midway High School parent and a member of the Midway ISD Board of Trustees, writes, “Mrs. Odajima was responsible for hundreds of students, she always made us feel that our child was her number one priority. She made time for countless conversations via phone, email or in person as we worked together to overcome our son’s many setbacks.” She continues stating, “No matter what the issue, Mrs. Odajima tackled each one with wisdom, patience, and compassion. Meanwhile, the moral support she provided us as parents of a struggling student was invaluable.”

Congratulations to the winners and nominees!