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The Texas Association of Secondary School Principals and Texas Association of Student Councils sponsor the TEA approved course, STUDENT LEADERSHIP. Developed originally in 1996, and revised in recent years, this course curriculum is available for purchase and implementation in secondary schools. TASSP/TASC serve as the sponsoring organization with TEA and the course can be offered in Texas High Schools for state elective credit (1/2 to 1 credit). Schools or school districts must purchase the curriculum through TASSP/TASC and complete the TASSP/TASC Participant Agreement to offer this course as state credit. The curriculum may be purchased as supplemental resource for other classes or educational purposes.


The revised curriculum includes in each chapter: course TEKS, activities to teach key concepts, and web-based resources. The teacher curriculum is provided on an interactive CD that provides access to a pdf version of the teachers guide as well as an electronic version with live web links. The fee to enroll in this TASSP/TASC course and purchase the CD is $150. Individual Student Workbooks that accompany the Teacher's Guide are available for order from the TASC store. Each student workbook is $7 (plus shipping/handling).

Course Specifications:
1.    Select a qualified teacher(s) to teach the course. Teachers selected should meet the following criteria
A)    Teachers must hold a valid Texas Teaching Certificate.
B)    Teachers should have a minimum of 2 years successful classroom experience.
C)    Teachers must be lab-oriented rather than lecture-oriented in their instructional approach.
D)    Teachers should be flexible and have the ability to affirm and encourage growth in their students.
E)    Teachers should receive regular appropriate outside training such as TASC Student Leadership Course Curriculum Academy, TASC Advisor Workshops, TASC Summer Leadership Workshops, or National Association of Student Councils LEAD Conferences.

To purchase the teacher guide/curriculum and receive TEA credit to teach the class for state credit, CLICK HERE

Please note that TASC offers a student workbook to accompany the course as well as a new Curriculum Supplement with lessons to meet every section of the TEKS for the course. See the TASC store for order forms. The Curriculum Supplement is item 70.

A strong student council advisor is best equipped to teach this course.

Student Leadership: N1290010 | STUDEAD | 1/2–1 | Texas Association of Secondary School Principals, (TASSP), www.tassp.org | 2014-2019

Approval as noted in the minutes of the SBOE Meeting from 4/11/14

7. Proposed Approval of Innovative Courses 
(Board agenda page II-39)  [Official agenda item #13] 
MOTION AND VOTE: It was moved by Mrs. Miller, seconded by Dr. Dominguez, and carried unanimously to recommend that the State Board of Education approve for a period of five years the renewal of the following four innovative courses that do not fall within any of the subject areas of the foundation or enrichment curriculum: Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) I-IV, Reconnecting Youth, Student Leadership, and Teen Leadership. The State Board of Education approved this class for state credit for five years April 11, 2014.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course provides opportunities to study, practice and develop group and individual leadership and organizational skills. These skills include decision-making skills, problem-solving techniques, communication skills, leadership roles, human relation skills and understanding the need for civic responsibility. Students enrolled in the course will apply these skills in dealing with peers, school administration and the community. The teacher's manual demonstrates a hands-on, active learning approach to leadership. This course is available to all high school students. The course can be customized to meet the needs of a Student Council, but is also adaptable to a broader student population.

The topics or chapters included in the teacher's manual are:

1. The Structure of Leadership
2. Organization and Managerial Skills
3. Responsible Citizenship
4. Goal Setting
5. Group Process
6. Communication
7. Evaluation

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